Hi! My name is Jon Kutt, otherwise known as The High Road Design. I'm a one man illustration and graphic design studio from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 
I was a senior designer at Quarry Communications for 15 years before falling back in love with drawing and shifting to freelance Illustration/design. 
I'm proficient in most of the Creative Suite with a heavy focus on Illustrator. Most of my illustration is done on an iPad Pro in Procreate. I spent my time at Quarry being the resident vector expert with strength in icon systems, infographics, presentations and branding. I also was the accessibility lead for the team making sure all our documents were WCAG compliant. 
Since striking it out on my own I've been extremely fortunate to work with fantastic clients, including; Netflix, Naked and Famous Denim, Jimmy Kimmel, House Industries, Ernie Ball, Eddie Vedder and many many more.
If I can help you with your Illustration/Design needs please don't hesitate to reach out via my contact page. 

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